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Inna – the founder and principal designer of Clever Home Design LLC is Certified Professional Home Stager and Re-designer of Home Staging Resource and an Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional AFDP™. She has done variety of staging, design and space planning projects from small bathrooms to entire homes. 
Using designer’s intuition, knowledge, Feng Shui Form school principals and latest trends, she takes design beyond the surface lever of what people see and instead helps homeowners to discover their own individuality by portraying themselves in their home.  She enjoys working with homeowners, understands their personality, lifestyle and individual needs, then helps to form client’s own style while educating on why and how the design project has come together.
Once introduced to an ancient Japanese art of Ikebana, which is guided by the desire to create harmony between flowers and their surroundings, she started bringing it’s principals into her designs. In Ikebana "less is more". The key consideration is to use as few pieces as possible to compose elegant contours that highlight a flower's beauty. In her design approaches Inna brings the nature inside home, supporting healthy environments she creates the interiors in harmony with nature without overwhelming the space.
“While studying the interior design I have always wondered why certain places work well - the places where family loves to gather and spend time, while other areas simply do not work. Many answers I have found in Feng Shui. Unfortunately, some popular presentations misinterpret the basic Feng Shui concepts. The triviality of these misconceptions has led many people to simply reject Feng Shui. One of the many surprising things I discovered about Feng Shui is that the most of the principles are very logical. While Feng Shui is infused with traditions, the actual art form of placement is based on science that's ruled by logic.
In my design or staging projects I practice a common sense approach to Feng Shui - one that can be easily and inexpensively applied to any home without cluttering it with a bunch of meaningless oddments or unattractive good luck charms, helping to create an environment that looks beautiful, feels warm, inviting and comfortable."

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Phone: 908.839.2564


Cell:     732.423.4496​




Member of American Society of Home Stagers & Redesigners

Certified and associated with
Home Staging Resource

Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional


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