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Deciding whether or not to stage your home prior to putting it on the market can be quite a financial dilemma.  The cost associated with staging a home can range anywhere from few hunder dollars for an average sized house to well into the thousands for a larger house.  The question is: Is it worth the extra expense to stage your house?  The answer is: Absolutely!


Very few homebuyers can visualize the potential of a home during the home buying process-this is why staging a home is critical.  The staging process helps to avoid the best features of your home from being overlooked and being left to the buyer’s imagination.


Home staging is an art that utilizes marketing and decorating techniques to create an environment in which potential buyers will feel immediately “at home.”  Designer’s intuition and  skills create emotional connection points throughout the house,  helping to highlight the best or minimize the least desirable  aspects of each space.  These expert decorating touches effectively create consistency and balance, allowing buyers to gravitate towards houses in which they feel the most potential and connection.


There are several important steps that must be taken into account when selling your home:


  1. Marketing your home on the inside with professional home staging

  2. Showcasing your home to the public – Online Marketing, brochures, open houses, etc…

  3. Pricing the house correctly – analyzing similar homes in your area, finding the right agent, finessing your price


Following each essential step is a key to bringing in the right offer!


Clever Home Design LLC can help your with the following Professional Real Estate Home Staging Services, which  involves both Preparing and Showcasing your home for the market to appeal to the most potential buyers:

  • Color consulting & coordinating interior rooms and the exterior of your home for the best aesthetic appeal to buyers.

  • De-cluttering and de-personalizing so the buyers can focus on the selling features of your home and not your personal items.

  • Furniture, artwork and accessores re-arrangement for proper décor and space planning in regards to your all-important MLS photos when your home is on the market.

  • A Professional Real Estate Home Staging and Curb Appeal Consultation includes a Detailed Property Assessment of your entire home, both interior and exterior. You will receive a written assessment of recommendations filled with effective suggestions to best accentuate the curb appeal and focal selling points of your home.

  • Hands-on Staging work can to improve an occupied home that the homeowner is still living in.  This may be just a quick rearrangement of a few items or a more comprehensive service to help the homeowners prepare and stage their home.

  • Vacant Home Staging - that could include cosmetic changes only or staging certain rooms with rental packages of furniture and accessories, which greatly enhances the marketability of an otherwise cold and sterile-feeling empty house. By bringing the furniture and accessories the home not only has better marketing pictures but also allows a buyer to develop an emotional connection to the home.

  • Professional MLS photography - a key factor in selling  your home. 


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