Color consultations - Color makes and significant impact on our mental and physical health. We will discuss your ideas and color preferences, color schemes, look at the architectural details of your home, the flow from room to room to create a distinct, harmonious and cohesivev look.  From massive color decks we will choose the rigth hues, which will refrect your personality and style.

Space planning - planning the room layout, furniture placement and built-ins. Complex renovations always         require a careful design and planning. Our designer works closely with clients on each step of the project, helping homeowners to integrate their own personality and taste into new space.

During the intial consultaion designer will:​

  • assess the functionality, feel and energy of the space

  • discover owner's individuality, requirements and personal preferences

  • discuss the requirements

  • explain which money consuming changes, fixtures or finishes worth the investment and which may not increase the value of your home

  • take measurements and pictures

If project requires changing the layout of the space, moving non-structural walls or furniture placement, designer will use the professional 3D architectural design software, to create a plan and 3D rendered views, helping clients to visualize the new look. 

Interior finish selection - we will help to select the rigth materials for your taste and on your budget for floors, walls, cabinets, couterstops


Ligthting design - lighting plays a vital role in overall appearance of the room.Many homeowners make a mistake of neglecting lighting because they think it's an insignificant element of design. But in fact, simple rearranging or changing the type of lighting can have a suprisingly dramatic impact. It's a quick way to improve the mood, appearance of the room or manage the energy level. Depending on function of each area, room type, position of the windows and other factors we will help to choose the best ambient and task specific lighting, or accentuate your favorite piece of art.


Accessories - not only add vibrancy and life to you living space, but correct and balance the energy in a room. It is the icing on design cake. Accessories should always enhance the room's furniture and structure and add visual interest, they should never be overwhelming or distracting. Accessorizing can be also the most challenging process. We will carefully assess the accessories you already have. Then decide on adding new, which will reflect you character, personality and lifestyle.​


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