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Feng Shui is an ancient system used to identify features in our surroundings that make us feel relaxed or uneasy, calm or irritable. It is a study of the environment and how it affects people.
Feng Shui is not a belief system, not a religion or superstition or magic. Its core concept - to follow the laws of nature.

The fundamental premise in Fend Shui is really simple and makes perfect sense: when we live and work in places that feel good to us, our attitude becomes more positive, and quality of life improves.

The main focus of Feng Shui is the energy of the space: our environment, everyone and everything is connected by a web of energy flows called Chi.  Chi level can deeply affect our health, relationships, career, finance. The key is a balance if there is a balance there will be a harmony.

There are many different Feng Shui Shools. In my designs I follow the Form School approach to Feng Shui, which is the oldest and the most fundamental system. The Form School teaches how the layout of the landforms, street configurations, nearby buildings, architectural desings and other physical factors contribute to our feel of the space. On a smaller scale this school evaluates the room arrangement, decor, design, furniture placement, and flow within a building, in other words Form School Fend Shui determines what it is about a space that makes it feel "right". 


Feng Shui consultant and designer can help you with assessment of the property by observing the surrounding landscape, location, the exterior and interior layout, explaining why the form can affect your well-being and how to reduce stressors in your environment;  will examine the interior, furniture placement, colors, textures, light and accessories - all elements affecting the Chi, create a list of recommendation and incorporate them into design of the space. 


When we are happy with our home and there is no need to move, remodeling is a great way to stay in your current home and update the design to suit your personal needs. Interior designer can help with reconfiguring your walls and spaces to flow smoothly and function well as well as help to choose fixtures, finishes, accessories and create a cohesive and aesthetically beautiful living space.


Interior re-designer canl help  you to utilize first what you already have, without hammering your budget,  trying to reuse or rejuvenate existing furniture, accessories, finishes or layout.


With the combination of Feng Shui, interior design and re-design principles Clever Home Design LLC creates spaces that are intriguing, welcoming, energizing and budget considerate.


Phone: 908.839.2564


Cell:     732.423.4496​




Member of American Society of Home Stagers & Redesigners

Certified and associated with
Home Staging Resource

Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional


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